Slap Shot - 1977

Reg Dunlop (Paul Newman) is an aging player/coach for minor-league hockey team the Charleston Chiefs. His team is dead last in the Federal League, his players mostly a bunch of losers who dream of landing a job at an auto plant when their career is over. The only quality player is Ned Braden (Michael Ontkean), who is not only the highest-scorer in the Federal League, but a Princeton grad who plays for the love of the game. Through the machinations of penny-pinching team Manager Joe McGrath (Strother Martin), three new players are obtained from the Iron League, The Hanson Brothers (played by Jeff and Steve Carlson, David Hanson).

Coach Dunlop is less than impressed with the new acquisitions, and at first refuses to play them. They appear to have a mean streak; wrapping their knuckles with aluminum foil and tape prior to every game. Finally, Dunlop releases the new players on the rival team. The Hansons immediately assault and brutalize the opposition, much to the delight of Charleston's working-class fans. The other players soon take their cue and also become Goons, fighting as much as playing hockey. The Chiefs begin making money, filling the stands, and things are looking up at last, but will it be the ending they all dream of....

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