Rhino Brothers - 2002

The Kanachowski family live, breath and sleep hockey. Its domineering widowed matriarch, Ellen, is the ultimate hockey mom who will do whatever it takes to ensure the hockey success of her sons. Eldest son Sasha is a failed National Hockey League player who now lives at home with his mother. Middle son Victor loves hockey as much as his brothers, but was never as talented as them. He is the coach and captain of the Rhinos, a hockey team that plays in a senior men's league, or what is better known as a "beer league". Sasha also plays on the team. Youngest son Stefan is currently starting his career playing in the NHL, but is having a bad season. Not as naturally gifted as Sasha, Stefan still seems to be the Kanachowski's best chance for hockey success. Stefan, along with his girlfriend Allison, returns home for an unexpected visit three weeks before the start of the playoff season. The timing of their visit is not by accident. Despite some friction between Ellen and Allison regarding Stefan, Stefan ultimately has to decide what he wants to do with his life and how best to achieve it.

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