Letterkenny - 2015

Wheel, Snipe, Celly Boys!.... Bardownski Only Buddy!.... Letterkenny consists of Hicks, Skids, Hockey players and Christans - These are there problems....

This comedy series showcases the antics of the residents of Letterkenny, a small rural community in Canada. Siblings Wayne and Katy run a small farm and produce stand, with Wayne's friends Daryl and "Squirrely" Dan helping out. Many of the town's inhabitants fall into one of several groups, which include the farmers, or "hicks," the "Hockey players" which include Rilley, Jonsey & Shoresy, the local drug addicts the "Skids" and the "natives," who are members of the local First Nation. "Letterkenny" began its life as a YouTube series called "Letterkenny Problems."

Letterkenny is developed and written primarily by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney. It is directed by Tierney who is also Pastor Glen in the show, and stars Keeso as Wayne.

Ok, ok so not an actual show about hockey but there is enough hilarious hockey chirps from Reilly, Jonesy and Shoresy that it has to be included on this site...
And anytime we can see a bit more of Miss katy it's a bonus! I think you'll agree.....Rocket!

Check out the promo pilot below for series 1.
In June 2021, production began on the tenth and eleventh seasons, and the spin-off series Shoresy was announce.
Available on Crave TV and Hulu.

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