Ice Kings - 2006

The winds of change that blew over Boston and gave the Red Sox their first World Series win in eighty-six years first passed through Rhode Island. In March of 2004, Toll Gate High School upset Mount Saint Charles Academy's men's ice hockey team and pushed them off the state championship throne they held for 26 years, the longest consecutive championship streak in national high school sports history. And in a state where hockey is as important as football is in Texas, the win immediately became legend. At Mount St. Charles, 75-year-old head coach Bill Belisle and his assistant coach and son Dave Belisle owned the state title since the Carter Administration. The legendary program, set deep in the French Canadian area of Woonsocket, RI, is the greatest high school sports program in history. The Mount has produced some of the NHL's best: Garth Snow, Brian Berard, Keith Carney, Mathieu Schneider, and Brian Lawton. In telling the story of the Mount, we pay homage to these, and all the great Rhode Island teams and players that the Mount had to go through. In 2004, in the best of 3 game finals, the Toll Gate Titans shocked everyone with a 4-3 win in the opener, followed by a 4-0 shut out in Game 2 to make Rhode Island Hockey history. Ice Kings delves into the storied past of the Mount's reign and fall as kings of high school hockey. The film tells the amazing story of the phenomenon that is Rhode Island hockey.

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