Hockey Pads 2008

Acclaimed actor Denis Leary faces off against off-ice friend and on-ice foe Hockey Hall of Famer Pat Lafontaine. We see how they each vie for bragging rights each year on and off the ice, and see how each take the art of ice farming very seriously and continue a burgeoning tradition of annual charity matches for a trophy and a cash prize to their chosen charities. Giving us a unique glimpse behind the scenes with Leary and Lafontaine. Hockey pads offers up amusing anecdotes and interesting insights into their lives and love of hockey. Both men share with us their substantial hockey memorabilia collections ad trash talk each other as only good friends can do. For anyone whos been amused by Denis Leary on screen or amazed by Pat Lafontaine on the ice this is a must-see special youll want to watch and share with friends.

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